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Episode 23
Terror in Three Acts

At the outset of the episode, SRD found themselves in camp along the road out of Torga toward New Dalton. They were seeking a ship for Werkham, a Daltoner who had contracted them to discover the whereabouts of a lost ship and recover some files from the ship. Rupert experimented with some glyph spells to try to replicate a water-breathing spell while Dewey created a raft and Soren made a wolf stew.

A stranger suddenly appeared in camp, warning of a coming storm. Soon after his disappearance, a terrible storm began, forcing the group under a tarp for the night. They awoke in a dream and were transported to Trass, where they found and spoke with Gruumsh. He chastised them for not pursuing their quest more completely and for leaving the city. Following an altercation with them, he returned them to the waking world and revoked the benefits of the blessings of the Rock Paladin.

As the group headed back along the road to Torga, Dewey sighted the ship that they were assigned to find off the coast. Rupert flew the group to the ship where they managed to discover the necessary paperwork in a hidden compartment of a desk. Dewey made a quick search below decks, which led to his and Rupert’s discovery of fifteen hideously grinning corpses. In a panic, the group rapidly departed the ship and set it ablaze.

Back on land, they walked back to Torga, discussing their options. When they finally arrived in town, Dewey went to turn in the files to Werkham while Soren and Rupert returned to the Keyhole. Dewey encountered Kurtz and Walter on his way, and after a brief discussion and conflict, went on his way.

Episodes 1 - 22 in Review
A brief catch-up

At some point, I may write up the first 22 episodes individually. But for now, here’s a summary of what we’ve got.

The Party and The City
We’ve got three adventurers: Soren Vale, Rupert Andazi, and Dewey Spex. Each is a human who’s wound up involved in a gang called “The Keys to the City.” As of the beginning of their involvements in the campaign, they all live in a city called Torga. Torga is well-known for its shipping trade, it complicated history, and its massive conflicts between criminals and law enforcement.

The Adventure(s)
Very early on, the three adventurers made their way to a literal ghost town called Trass. There, they encountered the orcish god Gruumsh. Gruumsh struck a bargain with the group: kill two important men in Torga, and be granted a wish spell. He explained that the governor – Bogman Earthraker – and the sheriff – Tartan Dust – would have to be killed to achieve vengeance for a thousand-year-old massacre. The group agreed, but quickly discovered that not working toward killing the men led to horrific nightmares engineered by Gruumsh.
Churdamz and More
The group also earned a contract to obtain an artifact from ancient ruins just outside Torga. Upon retrieving the artifact, the buyer accidentally burned his livelihood to the ground. Rupert decided to set up a business with the man. The tunnels beneath Rupert’s shop ended up leading to just outside the docks section of Torga, which aided in the completion of the gang’s . . .
The Keys pulled a heist during which they stole over 200 crates of unprocessed iron ore and several crates filled with drugs. The gang is still in the process of dealing with the fencing of the items, but completed the heist with minimal complications.


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