Spurla Tasnik

An orc with a love of maps, a talent for killing, and the occasional rage issue


Spurla is a 19-year-old orc. At 5’10" and 190 pounds, Spurla is a solid and intimidating figure. She wears loose-fitting clothing, mostly brown and black. Spurla has short black hair which she never styles and dark brown eyes.


The group first got to know Spurla during an outing to the ruins of Churdamz. She bonded with Soren over maps shortly after, and the two began to become emotionally involved. Spurla has said that she was an apprentice cartographer earlier in her life. She wields throwing knives in combat. She seems to have an association with Foreman Brick. She asked Rupert to help her with her anger problems using glyphs.

Spurla Tasnik

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