Insellor Diesef

An elven officer of the Jute known as "The Hound of Torga"


Insellor Diesef is a 245-year-old elf who works for the Jute. He stands 5’2" and weighs 120 pounds, a modest elf. His white hair and brown eyes lurk under a wide-brimmed hat and a heavy brown trenchcoat.


Insellor’s work with the Jute focuses on tracking and capturing high profile criminals. Due to his reputation as a formidable force, he has been allowed a degree of autonomy within the Jute. Insellor is known as ‘the Hound of Torga’ because of his skill.

The group has discovered that Insellor focuses much of his attention on Erasmus, and has gone so far as to lobby to get Erasmus placed on the Most Wanted list.

Insellor Diesef

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