Erasmus Chaff

Leader of the Keys to the City


Erasmus is a 46-year-old half-elf with a missing left ring finger and right index finger. 5’7", 140 pounds, he has dark brown hair, which he keeps short, and brown eyes. Erasmus is not terribly muscular, but not fat. He wears clothes that compromise on style and comfort, favoring greens and browns, long coats, boots, and wide-brimmed hats.


Erasmus is the leader of the Keys to the City, and has been since he was 38 years old. Prior, he had been a member of the Keys since the age of 19.

Erasmus’ past has become a point of interest within the Keys of late; when some of his blood spilled on Torgan soil, a rare divine flower sprouted. Upon investigation by Tasselman, it was revealed that Erasmus likely has connections to Nicholai Saspern and may have a divine connection to the land on which Torga is founded.

Despite his missing fingers, Erasmus plays the mandolin and sings. He smokes woadgrass with mild frequency.

Erasmus Chaff

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