Caspian Ardor

A runty human with a big mouth and a taste for candy


19 years old, Caspian is only 5’2" and 90 pounds. He has short black hair and hazel eyes. Caspian always dresses in patched and worn suits. Despite his skinniness, he has a childish round face. Caspian has a tattoo of every deity’s symbol along his forearms.


Caspian grew up in Torga and seems to have a good understanding of the city, especially in terms of navigating it. The group has been discovering that Caspian lacks many experiences that they consider core elements of childhood. Caspian claims to have been named for the famed statesman Caspian Ardor, who negotiated the end of kingdom rule in Evanoch, because his mother wanted him to become a statesman as well.

Caspian Ardor

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